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The FaceFix

The one thing worse than a massage being over is looking in the mirror to see your face looking run over. It’s a mess

Fret not, I’ve got your fix. No matter if you’re going home, a meeting, or a romantic date after your massage, Hydrata- The FaceFix will take you from looking like you just woke up to “I woke up like this”.


This 35min mini-facial is the ultimate after-massage face refuel


Treatment includes:

Hot towel facial-acupressure massage, including a mini face, neck and chest massage that will melt away any remnants of tension and will prepare the skin for a hydrating cleanse using an All-in-1 Micellar water facial cleanser, developed for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Followed by a face steam, using a handcrafted, all natural Bulgarian lavender-water toner made with ingredients to reduce sebum production, tighten pores, and add a refreshing, natural glow to the skin.

You will then enjoy a pore minimizing, skin barrier rebuilding facial serum, using products by Good Molecules.

The MVP of this treatment is the authentic Brazilian Rose Quartz gua sha and face roller, applied using a lightweight and natural face oil by Good Molecules. Gua sha and face rolling are ancient techniques designed to dramatically reduce lymph and inflammation, plump and enhance facial structure, and assist in the absorption of products.

You will finish your treatment with either a face oil that is great for oily skin (helps balance sebum production while moisturizing skin) or a hand crafted, 100% natural face moisturizer, for normal, combo or dry skin. The result is skin that looks and feels deeply hydrated, glowing and revitalized. *This treatment is also a great way to drain sinus pressure after laying face down in face cradle, or from allergies.

**This treatment includes hot and cold applications. Please specify any skin allergies, conditions, or sensitivities at time of booking. Clients must complete an In-Take form listing all allergies and skin contraindications before treatment. SenseFuel Massage (Eric Joppy, LMT) is not responsible for any adverse skin reactions due to client withholding important medical and/or skin condition information.


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