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The Eliminata



-Used by ancient Egyptians dating back to 1,550 B.C., cupping is a natural and effective way to reduce joint and muscle pain. Cupping has been proven to significantly reduce pain issues, compared to typical treatments like painkiller medication(s).


-It sedates the CNS (central nervous system) allowing you to slip into a deep state of calm and relaxation. It provides a comforting, yet snug, squeeze to connective tissue stimulating blood flow. 


-It brings toxins to the surface where it is guided, through gentle massage strokes, towards the heart and lungs to be efficiently eliminated from the body.


-Cupping helps improve immune function by moving blood and lymphatic fluid through the body and to the surface, which also aids in reducing allergies and/or sinus issues.


-A natural detoxifier. Cupping can improve energy flow throughout the body because the bruises caused by the procedure are believed to be negative energy elements coming to the surface to be eliminated from the body


And these are only a few of the abundant benefits of cupping therapy 




I apply cups using a cupping air-pump to achieve the desired pressure at different intervals throughout your session, depending on your specific needs. The cups stay on the body approximately 10-15min in a localized area. You may choose any area of the body to focus the cups. You may also choose different areas to have cupping done, i.e. legs and arms, or back and buttocks, it all depends on your needs and preferences. Depending, I will use either stationary or moving cups (to move blood and trapped fluids) or a combo of both. No matter where I place them, the duration of time on the skin will be the same, 10-15min in each area.


Add cupping to your next massage to boost the healing and relaxation benefits, and to aid in the reduction of pain in a localized area. After your session your spirit will gain space and freedom within your body, and a renewed understanding that the “cup” was Always half full, and never empty. 


ReLax, ReLease, ReFuel.

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