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SenseFuel is an intuitive massage intended to bridge the gap between the body, mind and soul. It will leave you feeling you have more room inside your body, both physically and emotionally.

The feeling is often described as "feeling renewed and euphoric." 

This is a deeply relaxing massage, yet stimulating and invigorating. . I use light, medium, & deep pressure for this style.


SenseFuel massage focuses on connecting the upper and lower regions of the body, and uses a variety of pressure to release the pain caused by blocked energy and/or muscle tension. 

With elements of lomi lomi (which uses long gliding strokes that travel up and down the body, connecting both regions), deep-tissue, trigger-point therapy, reflexology +more. SenseFuel massage is my “swiss army knife” for massage  and is one of the most stimulating and efficacious massages you will ever experience.*Recommended





*Please note, when choosing this style, I use a sagittal draping technique which exposes one half of the body at a time (i.e. left arm, left side of back and left leg...while the right side stays completely covered).

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