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Eric Joppy,
LMT (nyc)

A body therapist who is passionate about sharing his knowledge and natural gift of healing, Eric believes touch is one of the most magical and beneficial gifts a human can share with another. "Massage; where science, spirit and creativity meet". Using different massage techniques, he mixes light/med/deep pressure, stretching,  breath work, sound therapy and nourishing lubricants to destress, unblock energy, and assists in the reconnection of the spirit, brain & body to optimally repair itself. This in return will allow the spirit (you) to feel it has more space to Be within the body, and will help the body heal more efficiently. 


SenseFuel is a play on the word Sensual. Sensual, someone that exudes a deep love and connection to what they are doing, touching and/or experiencing. 

Contrary to popular belief, the word sensual is not based solely in sex(uality). To be sensual is to stimulate the body and it’s senses through focused and intelligent touch. It is spiritual, and is a complete stimulating of the senses.

SenseFuel works to refuel your entire multidimensional being. Using specific techniques (eastern and western), it will provide you with  complete relaxation and a reconnection with mind/body/spirit. It will invigorate your senses, rebooting your ida/pingala/sushumna flow. Regular SenseFuel massage proves to reconnect and heal bodies, dramatically reduce pain, and improve the sensory experience within oneself and the external world.

Training: The Swedish Institute, College of Health Sciences, nyc (2016) 

Associates degree in occupational studies for massage therapy

Licensed by the state of New York.

Member of American Massage Therapy Association

Offering SenseFuel, Personalized, Deep-Tissue, Sports, Therapeutic, Reflexology, +more.


*I do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, or any other basis of discrimination.
Judgement free zone.

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I follow all professional health & sanitation guidelines. 


Be assured that my table, frequently touched surfaces and all supplies are thoroughly cleaned & disinfected using antibacterial spray and wipes after each and every use.


My intention is to ensure that you and I are, and feel safe throughout our entire time together.


#staysafe #stayamazing


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Located in






available in the NYC tristate area.



Brooklyn, NY

located off the L train


















Reduced rate if you have
your own massage table.
(in-home massge)


"Eric was super easy to work with and did an excellent job! Stretch with massage!"
-Paula P., Hoboken, NJ

"Eric is truly talented and a master of his craft." 
-Michael M., Carroll Gardens, NY

"Eric is fantastic! So friendly and professional with a calming healers energy.
My pregnant wife loves her prenatal massages. They put her in a true state of ease and comfort.
Would reccomend 6 out 5 stars if I could."
-Daniel H., NYC

I hired Eric as a feature to our gifting booth at a Yoga Event.
He must have serviced about 18- 20 people, with magical 3-5 min massages.
Every guest that received a massage raved about how great it was.
Eric is professional and was really a pleasure to work with. He had amazing energy that really elevated our event. I highly recommend him.
-Quinn R., Brooklyn, NY

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Brooklyn, NY 11385 USA


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